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15 Fun and easy crafts for kids to make anytime

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An easy and fun way to make your kids learn simple crafts which will make them happy. encourage them to make these crafts to make a habit to learn anything and solve any type of puzzle in the coming journey.

These crafts are mainly for the kids of the age 8 and above.

So, take some to sit with your children and enjoy their silly mistakes during these easy and fun craft making and enjoy the day and make some memories.

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Grow a Rainbow Experiment

“Want to grow your own rainbow? Try this simple science experiment! You only need paper towel, water and washable markers. Kids will love to see their rainbow “grow” in this easy activity!”

How to make coffee filter butterflies

“Today I am sharing a fun end of summer craft idea.  Today we are sharing a fun dollar store craft idea. These Dollar Store Craft Coffee Filter Butterflies are so easy to make and they also make for fun party decorations too!”

Popsicle Stick Bird Feeder Craft

“Looking for a fun craft stick craft, then we have you covered with this fun popsicle stick bird feeder. Great Spring Kids Craft or Kids Camping Craft.”

Easy Pom Pom Shooter Craft for a Fantastic Indoor Kids Activity!

“Kids of all ages are going to have a literal blast with these homemade pom pom shooters or poppers! Super easy to make which you can see in the video below, you can put all of those toilet paper rolls and extra balloons to good use and keep the kiddos busy firing pom poms at each other.”

DIY Slime Without Glue Recipe

“Ready to learn how to make slime without glue? You are going to be amazed by this simple and easy homemade slime recipe that you
can make right now! “

DIY Pool Noodle Hobby Horse

“Has your little one’s swimming skills improved so much that they no longer need the support of a pool noodle? Tired of tripping over it round the house? You could always give it to a friend’s child of course, or chop it up to make pool noodle spiders!, but before you do consider upcycling it into a super fun DIY hobby horse for hours of endless imaginative play, inside and out.”

Stegosaurus Dinosaur Craft by Our Kid Things. 

“The great thing about having an almost 9 month old boy is that I get to go through all the fun little boy stages. Like trains, baseball, and dinosaurs. My girl was fun, too. But I’m a girl, so it was fun in a different, familiar kind of way. Except that she likes trains, baseball, and dinosaurs, as well.”

Straw Weaving (Weaving on Drinking Straws)

“Here’s another cool weaving craft for your older kids to try. Straw Weaving! All you need is a few drinking straws, tape and yarn, and your kids can make bracelets, necklaces, headbands and bookmarks for themselves or to trade with friends.”

Super Easy Paper Plate Unicorn

“It’s a kid craft that sparkles ALL YEAR long! Today I present to you our super easy Paper Plate Unicorn kid craft tutorial!”

pom pom hedgehog craft

“Make an array of rainbow hedgehogs with this easy pom pom hedgehog craft idea.”

Cardboard Tube Unicorn Craft For Preschoolers

“The cardboard tube unicorn craft we are sharing today is so adorable – and easy to make using our printable template! This unicorn craft for preschoolers will defintely raise a few smiles from your little ones! Just scroll down below for full instructions to make this unicorn craft and for your free unicorn template.”

Paper Plate & Tissue Paper Tropical Fish

“Today’s paper plate fish craft is inspired by the book Rainbow Fish. It’s an award-winning book about a beautiful fish who finds friendship and happiness when he learns to share. It’s such a great story for any age. The colors in the book are vibrant & beautiful – just like tropical fish in real life.”

How to Make Puffy Paint

“Puffy paint is so easy to make and it’s SO MUCH FUN to paint with! It has the coolest, puffy texture that really pops off the page!”

Unicorn Crafts For Kids

“This unicorn inspired art and craft project is easy enough that kindergarten and preschoolers will be able to follow along. However it is still cool enough that older kids, tweens and teens may enjoy making too.”

Beaded DIY Wind Chimes For Kids

“It’s Summertime here and what’s the best thing to keep the kids busy? A craft project of course!!  My kids LOVE working on new craft projects everyday, it just helps break up the day around here. One project that they’ve been wanting to do was make a wind chime for our yard.  We decided to just make a classic wind chime with some driftwood and beads. Follow along to learn how to make DIY wind chimes for kids!”

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